Tokyo Yarn Crawl


11月/13日〜 11月/19日

















Come make the rounds with us! Lets bring together the knitting community, create friendships, share ideas and raise up the art of hand knitting!

So WHAT is a yarn crawl?

Well, The Tokyo Yarn Crawl is a week long event in which people from everywhere visit Tokyo's best local yarn shops to celebrate our love of fibre arts.  Sure, you can do this ANY time of the year, but we've set aside a special week long event to really revel in it!

It's fall, so our shops are bringing out all the best in new fibres, patterns, kits and yarn-happiness!  Lets get together and  knit, crochet or whatever you love to do with yarn!  


There is NO charge to crawl, and no pre-registration necessary!  Just show up to the first store you feel like going to, ask for a stamp card, and keep going!


All of our Local yarn shops are easy to access via public transportation!



Each store in Tokyo has it's very own personality and range of products available!  Many shops even have their own exclusive brands!  Even if you aren't interested in a shop's particular product line, you never know who you might meet, or what things you might see while you visit.  It's an adventure in your love of craft.


Also, during our week long event, each shop will be hosting special events, promotions and maybe even special discounts on yarn and other fun stuff!  It's a great time to be inspired, start a new project and find new yarns you might not have met before!


If you visit all of the stores on our list, you can turn in your stamp card and win one of many fantastic prizes at the end of the week!